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Sports Injuries Recovery

Injury do happen no matter how hard you tried to avoid them, especially in contact sports such as Muay Thai, Rugby and Football to name a few. As athlete you will want to recover as soon as possible, and return to optimum health.

As a qualified Remedial Massage Therapist I would like to share with you massage technique that will speed up your recovery. I prefer to use Myofascial Release massage technique to tackle sports injury . Here are the why :

1. It is one of the gentle form of massage and most suitable for this condition.

2. It reduces muscles tightness and align muscles fiber without aggravating the injury.

3. It promote oxygen to the injured site and boots new tissue growth.

4. It help drain excess fluid and shorten inflammation time.

5. It lengthen out muscles and reduce restriction, hence improve range of motion and many more. . .

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