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Muscles Soreness

Have you ever experience muscles soreness after strenuous physical activities ? If yes, you are not alone. Muscles soreness can be control and manage by 4 simple steps.

First step is to cool down by doing mild stretching for your entire body, pay close attention on muscles sets that of your activity. Example : shoulder, the gluts, hamstrings and calf if you are a cycle-list.

Second step is to hydrate your body, to aid cooling down and replace fluid loss and mineral loss. Electrolyte drinks, fruits such as watermelon and oranges is a good example.

Third step is cold temperature treatment, by icing the injure area and cold shower. Cold temperature treatment help the body to cool down, reduce inflammation. Ice is a vaso-constrictor. It causes the blood vessels to narrow and limits internal bleeding at the injury site.

The final step is to rest and rejuvenate by having after event massage. Massage improve circulation, lengthen tight and shorten muscles promote better flexibility and stimulate body immune system .

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