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Office Syndrome

New words are being invented everyday, to suit our needs and lifestyle. I'm not quite sure who invented the word "Office Syndrome".

What is Office Syndrome (OS)?

It is condition that was brought about by poor posture at work place ; prolong sitting with neck, shoulder and pelvic misalignment and stress. This condition is not subject to any particular occupation, but most commonly found among white collar worker.

OS symptoms

tightness/soreness of neck and shoulder

numbness of of arms and fingers

lower back pain


dry eyes/blurr vision

The symptoms of OS can occur on their own or in combination with each other, and they may vary from day to day.


  • Arrange your sitting position that you are in good ergonomic

  • Adjust your lighting/contrast of your computer monitor

  • Avoid drafty room (set appropriate room temperature, and avoid direct draft)

  • Keep yourself hydrated, by drinking some water every hour

  • Get up and stretch

Stretching Exercises

Lean your head side-ways toward your left shoulder as your left hand pulls your right arm down and across, behind your back.

Hold stretch for 10 - 15 seconds. Do both side. This exercise help stretch side of neck and shoulder.

Slowly turn your elbows inward while straightening your arms. This stretches the shoulders, arms, and chest.

Interlace your fingers above your head and, with your palms facing upward, push your arms slightly back and up. Breath deeply and hold for 15 seconds. This stretches your arms shoulder and upper back.

Standing with your knees slightly bent, place your palms on your lower back just above your hips, fingers pointing downward. Gently push your palms forward to create back extension. Hold for 10 seconds and repeat twice.

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