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Fee Baht 1,800 / 1 hour
Sports Massage


drain away fatigue, reduce muscles soreness, promote flexibility, speed up recovery and prevent injuries.


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Myofascial Release


releasing bond between fascia, reduce restriction/tightness, stimulate connective tissue to reorganize themself, promote flexibility.


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Deep Tissue Massage


release chronic pattern of muscle tension, dissolve scar tissue and promote flexibility.


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Trigger Points Release
reduce neuromuscular pain, rehabilitate muscles, reduce tension, improve circulation and increase range of motion.
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Pregnancy Massage


assist mother to cope with physiological change during pregnancy term and after delivery. reduce muscular and joint pain, reduce edema, stress and anxiety.


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Bowen Therapy


gentle sequences of cross-fiber maneuvering balance and harmonize muscular system, promote self healing.


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My name is Sila Carson; I am a qualified Remedial Massage Therapist trained at Perth Academy of Natural Therapies, Western Australia (2007). I am based in Bangkok, Thailand.


Remedial Massage has becomes my choice of CAM (complementary/alternative medicine) through my family and personal experience since 2003.  It started with my son’s repetitive sports injury, which my family tried to treat repeatedly through conventional medicine.  With months of oral medication and physiotherapy my son's conditions did not improve.  I was desperate and moved on to alternative medicine.  With less than five sessions of chiropractic work my son was able to resume his activity.  It was an eye-opening experience, which led me to take up Remedial Massage as a career.


Through my experience at Perth Academy of Natural Therapies student’s clinic, sports venue, paraplegic center and my own private practice I was able to witness firsthand the impact of Remedial Massage.



Remedial massage is a noninvasive holistic treatment for the whole of the body, as well as the area being treated, providing relief through the manual manipulation of soft tissue; skin, fascia, muscles, tendon and joint through various massage techniques as well as stretching. The adjustment can be gentle or strong, deep or shallow.



As Remedial Massage therapist I will trace your discomfort as far as possible back to the original cause and addresses both the cause of the disorder as well as the symptoms. We will discuss a treatment plan together to suit your need as supports to speeds up your recovery.



• Relaxes and soothes

• Reduces muscle soreness

• Releases the chronic pattern of muscle tension

• Promotes flexibility

• Speeds up recovery and helps prevents injury

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51/35 Sukhumvit Soi 23

Wattana District, Bangkok

 Tel: 0851563161 

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Monday – Friday  08:00Hr – 18:00Hr

Saturday-Sunday    09:00Hr – 17:00Hr

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"Over the years due to the onerous nature of my work, I have visited many physiotherapists. Sila Carson ranks as the best of them. She speaks good English, is immensely experienced and has sorted out my back problems on numerous occasions. I thoroughly recommend her."

Ben Davies, Journalist/ Photographer/ Author. 

"I had been suffering from mid back pain for some time and the regular Thai massage shops did not work for me. After seeing Sila for a few months now i can definitely notice a difference, the deep tissue therapy has worked wonders with my back pain and I feel much more relaxed. Sila is very professional, knows exactly what she is doing, she can pinpoint the exact muscle with the problem and work on it. I highly recommend Remedial Massage Thailand for anyone who needs more then a regular thai massage."


Leonardo Lazuta

"I have been seeing Sila Carson for several years for treatment of my muscles and spine.  Her knowledge and assistance has positively affected the quality of my life. I highly recommend her to any one"


William C. Reinsch

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